TV Programs


It is a platform for debate and reflection, committed with liberty, democracy and Rule of Law. Leaving behind traditional approaches, with a variety of means such as interviews, discussion panels, and reports, Razón de Estado seeks to provide a new treatment to the complex topics in Guatemala and the hemisphere. Link to view programs in YouTube..

DIMENSIÓN (2013-2018)

With the format of a magazine, it was established as a platform to promote expression and participation which intended to generate reflection, action and proposals for the complex problems that affect Guatemalan and Central American societies. The objectives of the program were centered on democratic strengthening, the Rule of Law and social and human development. It was dedicated to the task of transmitting optimistic, entrepreneurial, creative messages and civic participation that would help to demonstrate that progress is possible when citizens, through personal and social incentives, are committed to accomplish it. Link to view the channel in YouTube.

LIBRE ENCUENTRO (1992 – 2010)

It was a television program directed by Dionisio Gutiérrez that was transmitted in Guatemala and other parts of Central America and the United States for twenty years. It promoted reflection, debate and values such as liberty, democratic strengthening and social and human development. It became a reference for Guatemalan public opinion and reached record ratings in the country. Link to view the channel in YouTube..

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